Saturday, June 14, 2014

6-11 Rough Day

When I went to sleep at 10 last night, I felt perfectly healthy except for the minor cold that was still causing congestion and a minor cough.  At 2:30, I woke up with symptoms I that I know you would not enjoy reading about.  It was absolutely terrible, I hope to never experience anything like that again. 

I had decided early in the morning that I was not going to attempt to go to class.  I eventually made it out to the common area where breakfast was waiting for me, but I wasn’t going to be able to eat it.  I settled for one pancake.  I was very grateful for Olanda, Ixim, and Louisa who were all very supportive and helpful throughout the day.  Olanda bought some Gatorade equivalents to rehydrate and fill me with electrolytes.  Samantha sent me some other electrolyte powders to put in water to assist with the rehydration process.  David, the med student who is working here for the year, and Anna, the director of the language course, came to visit me in the morning to make sure I was ok.  Basically, David’s thoughts were that I had some kind of bacteria that wasn’t present in the States so my body wasn’t accustomed to it, then I was dehydrated which further amplified the problem.  However, because I was able to keep liquids down, all I had to do was rest and rehydrate and I would be totally fine.  He was right, because after a few more hours of laying down followed by a little vomiting, I felt much better.  By lunch time, I was seated at the table attempting to use the internet. 

A group from Kab’lajuj Ey came to visit me during their lunch.  David, Daniel, Anna, and Louisa.  I was still exhausted, but it lifted my spirits to feel the care of my classmates.  I had soup for lunch in the house, then decided that I was feeling good enough to go to class.  This was a poor decision.  My brain could not engage and I was uncomfortable.  I sat with arms crossed in my chair because I was cold and probably looked like I hated the world.  I did eventually survive, but it is a process I wish I hadn’t put myself through. 

Following class Samantha and had a skype meeting regarding the GPS, which I was not entirely present for.  Whatever I didn’t catch, Samantha understood and will explain to me when I’m competent once again.  The rest of the night I spent on my computer before going to bed early.  

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