Tuesday, June 17, 2014

6-15 Antigua

Louisa, Samantha, and I were all planning on going to Antigua today, but Samantha didn’t feel the best so she stayed home.  First, Louisa and I had to navigate the bus system, which is very interesting here.  They are all old, exotically-painted school buses, and you basically just have to know where to stand to catch most of them.  Omer from the house guided us to the stop, then we were on our way.  In this first bus, a soldier with a nice shot-gun was sitting in the back.  I assume this bus had some kind of problem with armed robbery in the past, so this is the measure to prevent that.  It was actually relaxing to have a guard on-board, just in case.  The ride overall wasn’t too terrible, though it did include one easy transition to another bus.  The view was great.  The only part I didn’t enjoy was right after getting on the other bus that was already full.  I had to try to be the 3rd person in a seat, which doesn’t really work for someone my size.  I need more than 3 inches.  It was a miserable 10 minutes until other people got off.  Here are some examples of these buses I’ve been describing to you:

In Antigua, we asked for directions to the ruins, then were on our way.  These are ruins of the old Spanish capital that was destroyed by an earthquake in 1717 and again in 1773.  It was after that destruction of the town that Spain ordered it abandoned.  They aren’t as cool as Mayan or Incan ruins, but they are interesting nonetheless.  I got some pictures at a church and another ruin.  Then was lunch, and back home.

Ruins of an Old Spanish Church after the earthquakes in the 1700's

A hidden part of the church that is largely intact an inaccessible to tourists.  Our guide was great and let us inside.

Framing of an ancient steeple through an old doorway.

More ruins

Ruins with the beautiful mountain in the background

The rest of the night I’ve been running around trying to prepare for the first interviews in Paquip tomorrow.  I’m not sure if I’m ready, but I know that I want to sleep well tonight, so I’m going to bed early.

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